The Mana Deprived Super Series (MDSS) is a Canadian tournament series open to all players, organized and sponsored by and Face to Face Games.

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January 31 – MDSS Edmonton (3K)FB Event
February 7 – MDSS Halifax (3K)FB Event
February 28 – MDSS Toronto (2.5K)FB Event
March 14 – MDSS Montreal (6K)FB Event
April 4 – MDSS St. John’s (2K) – FB Event
April 11 – MDSS Saskatoon (3K) – FB Event
April 18 – MDSS Toronto II (2.5K)FB Event
April 28 – MDSS North Bay (1.5K) – FB Event
May 16 – MDSS Vancouver (3K)FB Event
May 23 – MDSS Toronto III (2.5K)FB Event
June 6 – MDSS Niagara Falls (2K) – FB Event
June 20 – MDSS Winnipeg (3K)FB Event
July 25 – MDSS Toronto IV (5K)FB Event
July 26 – MDSS Ottawa (3K)FB Event
August 8 – MDSS Toronto V (2.5K)FB Event
August 30 – MDSS Quebec City (2K) – Modern – FB Event
September 6 – MDSS St. John’s (2K) – Standard – FB Event
September 12 – MDSS Toronto VI (2.5K) – Modern – FB Event
September 19 – MDSS Thunder Bay (1.5K) – Standard – FB Event
October 17 – MDSS Calgary (3K) – Standard – FB Event
October 17 – MDSS Toronto VII (5K) – Standard – FB Event
November 7 – MDSS Toronto VIII (2.5K) – Modern – FB Event
November 8 – MDSS Toronto IX (2.5K) – Legacy- FB Event
November 28 – MDSS Halifax II (3K) – Modern – FB Event
December 5 – MDSS Montreal II (3K) – Modern – FB Event

*Please note: Specific event information (such as dates, venues, and tournament formats) will be disseminated at least one month in advance. “Like” our Facebook page for all the details and to stay updated!

What can I expect at an MDSS event?

With staggering prize support for the main events, tons of side events to keep you occupied, door prizes to be won, and a judge staff and vendors who go the extra mile to ensure you have the best player experience possible, there’s something for everyone who attends an MDSS event!

Players in our main event will vie for an MDSS championship title and a slew of prizes (including a coveted trophy). And for those who can’t make it in time for the main tournament (or who drop out early), we’ve got tons of side events to keep you having fun all day-long, as well as some of the best vendors in the country so that you can buy, sell, and trade without any qualms!

What kind of side events are there?

Draft-‘til you Drop events, Standard, Modern, and Legacy [8-man] Win-a-Box tournaments, and Multiplayer Commander events will be running all day long!

Contact Info

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to send us an email at!